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Our Mission

Straight teeth with braces treatment
We are committed to rendering the highest standard of care to all of our patients. Everyone will be treated as if they were our own family. Most of our patients are referred to us by their friends and families who were treated by our office and were very happy with the results, or were referred by their dentists who were confident of the quality orthodontic care we will provide to their patients. We offer a FREE first consultation visit - you will meet our staff, we will explain to you if orthodontic treatment is needed, address any and all the details concerning your treatment (including the cost of treatment) and do our best to give you a payment plan to fit your budget.
Why Choose Us?
We provide the highest quality of care for the most affordable prices.
Dr. Albareedi treats all the patients himself, our staff solely chair-side assists.
Our patients will be seen within just a few minutes of their arrival at our office.
Dr. Albareedi is very accessible at any time.
We offer services in multiple languages including Spanish, Polish, Arabic, and Russian.
We pledge to treat our patients as if they were our own family members.
Best Orthodontists in Chicago

Dr. Said Albareedi

Class of '83
Dr. Said Albareedi
Dr. Albareedi is a graduate of one of the best Orthodontic Specialty training programs in the country, Northwestern University, and has about 35 years of experience.

What Our Patients Think

Dr. Albareedi is one of the best orthodontists in Chicago. He really cares about his patients and brings amazing results!
- Jack L.
I love my smile! I cannot stop smiling! Thank you Doctor for what you made my smile become. You have a gift for being an orthodontist!
- Agustin P.
Dr. Albareedi is the best. Amazing bedside manner. Can’t be any happier with my orthodontic progress. The girls in the front are very friendly.
- Karen C.
We have been pleased with the kindness and professionalism that we received from Dr. Albareedi. The staff has always treated us with respect and priority. We're grateful for their attention to detail in helping us achieve a great smile!
- Iryna I.
Was there for a braces consultation. Dr. Albareedi answered all my questions and was able to start the process right then. He worked miracles for my son's mouth!
- Jae P.

Treatment Options

By the use of braces, or Invisalign (aligners), we apply different forces to your teeth to make them move in the direction we wish. As we apply the pressure, the bone around the teeth gets remodeled and reformed to the different position we would like the teeth to move to.
Teeth before/after orthodontic braces treatment
Timelapse of braces aligning teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need braces?
Usually your general dentist can tell you if you need braces due to a problem in your bite, or due to the malalignment of your teeth. Very often, you yourself can tell if you need braces or not if you are unhappy with your smile or the crowding of your teeth, or any other reason which might make you feel uncomfortable to smile or show your teeth.
Will braces make my teeth perfect?
With braces we definitely can make your teeth straight and your smile beautiful. We always try our best and strive to achieve perfection. However, a perfect smile is not always attainable due to different factors, such as gum disease, receiving treatment at a late age, or some other unforseen reasons.
Can you guarantee the outcome of my treatment?
Orthodontic treatment is just like any other medical treatment - You can never guarantee that a medical treatment will achieve 100% success. However, we always achieve significant improvement on the overwhelming majority of the cases we treat, as we are constantly aiming at producing the best results possible.
What kind of food can I eat when I have braces?
During orthodontic treatment, you should avoid eating anything hard, sticky, or crispy, such as chewing gum, hard or sticky candy, popcorn, corn on the cob, nuts of any kind, or chewing on ice.
Is orthodontic treatment painful?
We move teeth by applying pressure on them. When we first put your braces on, you will not feel anything except a little pressure. After a few hours, you will start feeling some ache which can be resolved by taking some Tylenol or any other over the counter pain medicine. That discomfort should only last for a few days at most. Children usually adjust to their braces much faster than adults.
Will you accept my insurance?
We typically accept most insurance coverage at our office, which usually covers a percentage of the fee, and you will have to pay the remainder. We will of course offer you a payment plan to fit your budget.
Do I need to wear retainers at the end of treatment?
Yes. Every patient who undergoes orthodontic treatment has to wear retainers to make sure that their teeth do not move back. At our office, retainers are given to the patient upon removal of the braces, included in the price of your treatment.

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